My Story

     Photography is documentation as well as it is art. I love being able to take a moment and make it a lasting memory.  I see the world like a bunch a different photographs.  I have been taking pictures since the days of Polaroid instant film.  It wasn't until 2011 I decided to take my love for photography into the business world.

     I've travel the country shooting many events and people such as The Avett Brothers, Carrie Underwood, and Tim McGraw to name a few. I was on tour for The Southern Musicians Showcase, Charleston Fashion Week and Belk Bowl and so many other great events here in my hometown of Wilmington NC.

     When I am in my hometown of Wilmington NC I am usually doing something photo related. Unless of course I am doing what I love most, being with my kids. My kids inspire me to do the best I can because I want them to see what hard work and determination can reward you with. I couldn't imagine anything better than being a dad and being a photographer for a living.

     This is why it is important to me to capture memories through the cameras lens. Life moves so fast and we usually tend to remember the good memories. But it's the photograph that takes us back to that place we cherish so much. No matter if it is a wedding, family session, Mitzvah anything, it is has to be shot with emotion and meaning. The right photography not only takes you back but it helps you relive that moment emotionally. You get to see your children young again, to get to remember that laugh they had when they 6 just by seeing the expression on their face in that photo. 

     You have to connect with your photographer if you want great photography. Remember if the guy with the camera makes you feel uneasy and uncomfortable imagine how awkward the expression on your face is going to look in all those photos, lol. 

     I am in the business of human relations first and then photography second. My job is to make you feel relaxed and have fun. I love connecting with people and the result in my photography shows just how important that is.